At Jewel Display, we have been producing bespoke presentation cases since 1967. Our vast clientele’s Specifications range from the simple to the sublime and extravagant. Each display case is designed for the specific item to fit inside.

Jewel Display’s work sees us cover a vast array of projects within the realms of Jewellery, Watch and Time Pieces, Precious Stones, Silverware, Crystal ware, Ancient Antiquities, Art and Sculpture, Medal and Trophy’s, Objects of Virtue and pretty much any article that requires a case to protect, present and add value.

Jewel Display

Perfection and excellence drive Jewel Display’s dedicated and skilled team. Using a combination of traditional and modern methods of manufacture, we consult on how best to meet specifications efficiently and never compromising on quality. We use top quality materials for both exterior covering and internal Lining giving a feel of great quality. This also enables us to tailor to the demands of clients when it comes to brand colours and finish. The addition of tooling lines and Stamping enable further customisation and branding of our bespoke boxes.


A Clip In a Peter Edwards Case


 Working closely with our clients we can hand craft exactly what they are looking for. Our portfolio of work really speaks for itself in terms of whom we have worked with and what we have produced for them. You can also see our work in Films, on TV, and at prestigious award shows. If you work in the luxury goods market, chances are you have come into contact with our products before and not even known it.